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Eleni Kopsida


Lilian Kisiswa



Lilian is a neurobiologist with a keen interest in neuronal mechanisms that govern the developing and aging brain and age-related disorders. She received her PhD at Cardiff University where she started her extensive neuroscience public engagement work. In this work, she did several activities including being ambassador for Smarter UK group and STEMNET (the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network), member of Cardiff brain awareness committee and chair of Cardiff Neuroscience café, that subsequently earned her recognition from the Society of Neuroscience. At Vetenskap i Samhället, Lilian’s ambition is to carry on communicating her research to a wider audience in order to increase neuroscience knowledge in the society. (Fotograf: Millind Nigam)

Michalina Lewicka-Yammine



Michalina has an extensive academic background in developmental neurobiology and biomaterials from Karolinska Institutet, where she did both her PHD and Post-Doc. Professionally Michalina is passionate about 3D bio printing, Biodesign within biotech and market analysis driven by human behavior. Over the last 4 years her vast interest in MedTech innovation and holistic wellbeing led her to engage with the Stockholm startup scene. Nowadays, Michalina is the Founder and CEO of MedTech Media consulting and vice-chairperson of Vetenskap i Samhället. Michalina is interested in building connections between academia, life sciences, and society to improve the communication of science to the general public in an exciting, fun and comprehensible way. She is social, decisive, and an amateur photographer who loves nature besides travelling. (Fotograf: Millind Nigam)

Claire Elizabeth Kelly



Claire is a developmental neuroscientist with over ten years of international research experience studying neurological diseases, which begin in the embryo or early in life. Her passion for developmental biology began while studying for her MA at the University of Cambridge and continued during her PhD research at Imperial College, London. She is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher at Karolinska Institutet where she studies how genetics and early life experience interact to influence adult mental health. Throughout her career Claire has enjoyed bringing scientific concepts and her own research to the general public. At Vetenskap i Samhället she aims to build on this foundation to find new ways to engage the Swedish public in new scientific discoveries and how they will affect society. (Fotograf: Millind Nigam)

Nina Jensen


Nina has a big interest in the causes of different diseases. She holds a masters in molecular medicine, and she received her PhD from Aarhus University in Denmark. In Denmark, Nina studied a rare disease that causes the brain to calcify slowly. At Karolinska Institutet, Nina has studied how blood vessels develop in the central nervous system to better understand diseases in the brain that starts with a malfunctioning vasculature. During her postdoc at Karolinska, Nina discovered a big interest in scientific communication, both written and spoken. Scientists do fascinating work, but it’s so specialized that they often struggle to explain to others what they do and why it matters. Nina believes that if research is to reach its full potential, we must communicate it broadly both to scientists from other fields and to society as a whole.

Nathalie Wrobel



Nathalie is a postdoctoral researcher at the Karolinska Institutet at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience. Her current focus of study is how expectation influence reward-related processes. Nathalie obtained her doctoral degree in Psychology in Hamburg at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf examining placebo effects in pain processing. Nathalie has been active in the field of science communication for years - on the practical side. She is a passionate contender of the science slam, a contest where scientist explain their research in 10 minutes in a funny way and try to win the applause of the audience. Nathalie has performed on the Gorki Park stage in Moscow and almost won. In 2018, she brought the slam to Stockholm!

Anaïs Louzolo


Member 2015-2017


Anaïs holds a PhD degree in Neuroscience from the Karolinska Institute. . Anaïs' passion for science and her keen interest in science communication and public engagement quite naturally led her to Vetenskap i Samhället.

Teresa Fernández Zafra

Member 2015- 2018

(Fotograf: Millind Nigam)



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