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Vetenskap i Samhället (ViS) wants to offer the public an opportunity to interact with researchers and learn about current research thus stimulating a lively dialogue about the role of science in society. As part of this work, ViS will organize popular science events, initially with a focus on brain research. We want to move neuroscience out of lecture halls and laboratories and into relaxed public spaces.


Our mission is to:


- Provide the public with an insight into the latest advances in neuroscience and technological progress for promoting a knowledge society

- Raise awareness about different brain related diseases, how they are treated and prevented


- Discuss social challenges related to these diseases and how they are managed in Sweden

- Show the importance of open research and how discoveries in neuroscience affects people's lives

- Promote Swedish research, innovation and creativity

- Motivate young researchers by letting them present their research

- Stimulate the interest in research and inspire younger generations


The non-profit association Vetenskap i Samhället is run by researchers from Karolinska Institutet.


”The importance of communicating science to the general public cannot be overestimated. Science cannot live isolated from society. The public must be able to understand research results and have an informed opinion on the state of scientific progress.”

Janez Potočnik, former EU Commissioner for Science and Research, 2004


As Commissioner Potočnik pointed out, scientific research is an important factor for growth and prosperity in society. To maintain trust between scientists and society, it is of utmost importance to improve communication between researchers and society globally. The Swedish public are highly interested in science, however they feel that their level of knowledge is not quite as high (Vetenskap & Allmänhet Report 2016:4).


Vetenskap i Samhället (ViS) is a non-profit association whose activities aim to provide a living forum for communication between researchers and the public providing the public an opportunity to meet researchers in person and learn about current research.


Graphic designer (ViS Logo):

Emmelie Golabiewski

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