Hjärnfestivalen does ForskarFredag


It was that time of the year again, when people of all ages invaded the campus of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, united in the same passion and interest: science!


On Friday, 29th of September the 11th ForskarFredag took place. ForskarFredag is organized every year in association with the European Researcher’s Night, and aims to illustrate how fascinating and important research is – so of course we from Hjärnfestivalen were there as well.

What does the brain look like? How does it develop? Can we really trust our senses? How can we protect the brain? and is it possible to move objects simply by … thinking? These were the topics we explained and discussed at our booths during the day. The absolute highlight for most of the people was probably our Mindflex game where two people could battle each other’s mind-power.


If you have missed ForskarFredag, want to hear more about our body`s “motherboard” or simply want a rematch on the Mindflex, then you should visit the Hjärnfestivalen in March 2018! Until then, follow us on our Facebook page and on Instagram for up-coming events and more fun facts about the brain!



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