Hjärnfestivalen 2018 took place during the 10-17th of March 2018

Full program at www.hjarnfestivalen.se


Based on the positive feedback we received from the audience, during and after Hjärnfestivalen 2016, we organised Hjärnfestivalen this year. We integrated many of the suggestions we got from volunteers and attendees in order to improve the content, format and communication of Hjärnfestivalen to design a festival that reaches out to even more people.















Our partners in 2018 :) thank you for the joint effort to make the festival happen





Our first event – Hjärnfestivalen - was a 5-day long popular science event focusing on the brain, that took place in locations throughout central Stockholm between September 7th and 11th, 2016.


Researchers from Stockholm’s main academic institutions (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm University, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Handelshögskolan) collaborated with partners from Stockholm’s cultural scene to present the wonders of the brain in terms of science, art, music, economics and politics. The programme was split into two parts:


• A public programme open to everyone, taking place throughout central Stockholm, comprising of activities including exhibitions, concerts, workshops, lectures, movies screenings, panel discussions, and science cafes.

• A school programme (middle- and high-schools), organised together with Vetenskapens Hus, and comprising practical experiments and discussions between students and researchers.


The public programme of the festival was attended by between 1,300 and 1,500 visitors.


The mission of Hjärnfestivalen’s public programme was to:


• Educate the public on the latest advances in neuroscience and technology in order to make a more scientifically-literate society.

• Raise awareness on the different brain disorders, their treatments and preventions.

• Demonstrate the critical importance of research and how it relates to everyone’s life.

• Discuss societal challenges related to the brain and how they are being tackled in Sweden.

• Motivate young researchers by allowing them to communicate their work.

•Ppromote Swedish research, innovation and creativity.

• Foster collaborations between universities.

• Stimulate interest and inspire younger generations.


Hjärnfestivalen was financed through sponsorship, grants and donations. We are grateful to our sponsors listed below for their help in making our inaugural event such a success.


Thank you to the partners for theIr support and funding, to the volunteers for making it happen and to the photographers who shared their pictures from the festival with us (NIka Seblova, Milind Nigam, Teresa Fernández Zafra, Anaïs Louzolo, Michalina Lewicka-Yammine)

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