Hjärnfestivalen does ForskarFredag


ForskarFredag is organized every year in association with the European Researcher’s Night, and aims to illustrate how fascinating and important research is – so of course we from Hjärnfestivalen will be there as well.

What does the brain look like? How does it develop? Can we really trust our senses? How can we protect the brain? and is it possible to move objects simply by … thinking? These and other topics will be explained and discussed at our booths during the day. Do not miss our most popular game where you can battle against your best friend to see who has the strongest brain-power.


Here you can see some pictures from the activities we ran in ForskarFredag 2017. We had so much fun! Come and learn more about the brain by the hand of Hjärnfestivalen at ForskarFredag 2018!


Aktiviteten är en del av vetenskapsfestivalen ForskarFredag som samordnas av föreningen Vetenskap & Allmänhete.



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Emmelie Golabiewski

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